All images are the property of the artist Elizabeth Hemming


Elizabeth was born in Stourbridge, West Midlands in 1988. Growing up, she was surrounded by art and developed a passion for it at a very young age. Her father, Nigel Hemming, is the UK's leading painter of dogs.

In school, she would often do drawings for her family and school friends, and occasionally got into trouble for handing in homework that had more pictures than writing!

In 2004 she attended Stourbridge Art College and left in 2006 with an AVCE and  an A Level qualification in art and design.


She went into fulltime work after college and, like a lot of young adults, spent her time on going out with her friends, so art was forgotten about for a few years. During that time, she worked in retail and even qualified as a driving instructor, both occupations she quickly realised were definitely not for her! However, in 2012 she picked up a pencil and her love for art was instantly rekindled so decided to try for success as an artist.

She started doing people and pet portraiture for her friends and family and as her reputation grew she started recieving commissions from further afield, such as Scotland and even Canada.

Elizabeth also has a love for animals, in particular cats. She drew a series of cat sketches, which were noticed by printing and distribution company Artko, who offered to print her drawings. The drawings were also noticed by the owner of The Braithwaite Gallery in York, who offered to display the originals.

Elizabeth, who also works for canvas framing company Wunderbars Ltd, is currently working closely with Artko to produce more artwork for print and is still offering people and pet portraiture.